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From Eden To Exile release new EP "Age Of Fire"


The long awaited release of new material is now over as From Eden To Exile unleash their eagerly anticipated EP "Age Of Fire".


"Age Of Fire"  was made available on most popular worldwide platforms on the 2nd of May 2020, via Attic Records.

The EP can be purchased from Amazon, Apple Music, Google Play, and Bandcamp.

You can also listen on Spotify.

Watch the brand new official video for "The Great Disconnect" below, shot at the infamous Craufurd Arms by Dark North Media.

"Fans of all extreme music should find something to connect to on Age Of Fire. From Eden To Exile have ramped up the fury on this EP and it's mightily impressive." Metalmance

"After hearing 'Age Of Fire', it's obvious this band is coming back stronger and more relentless than ever. This is a complete trailblazer of an EP - this could become the soundtrack to the apocalypse for many of us once it drops."

"It’s clearly been a challenge for From Eden To Exile to get back on the level after their debut but with an offering of such brutality and technicality, this is a band that is rejuvenated and ready to unleash at the first opportunity."Musipedia Of Metal

"They've finally hit on the right chemistry for their latest EP, 'Age Of Fire', an explosive effort containing five Molotov cocktails [...] stirling stuff."New Boots

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